It was supposed to be a kind of style experiment but it turned totally different from what I wanted, sigh. Whatever, it’s mostly a lazy copypasta but since I finished it anyway I figured I might post it as well _(:’3 」∠)_

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Late kagakuro day doods and inktober day 12!!

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Magi volume 23 message paper.

Glad all the papers and omakes are pointing at Kouen and Koumei getting along with and even looking up to Hakuyuu and Hakuren. 

Japanese readres had some interesting comments regarding Hakuei’s first impression on Sinbad, like ‘is it because he’s an enemy of Kou or is it her intuition telling her he’s an enemy of all women (refers to Sinbad’s womanizing)?’. Another one is: ‘her mother, Arba, hated David, so she might’ve inherited that hatred from her (that given if it turned out Sinbad has some connection to David)’. 

Magi Omake Index:

Magi Paper 18&19Magi Paper 20 (cancelled)Magi Paper 20Magi Paper 21Magi Paper 22Sinbad Paper 04Card Game One-Shot15/17/19/22 Tegaki, Alma Toran Tegaki

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Fujimaki drew this illustration of Kise for Hirabayashi Sawako as a thank you for all her hard work as author of the Replace novels. She has said before that Kise is her favorite KnB character, although she hasn’t been able to write him acting cool very much. In the picture, Kise is saying “Sawakocchi!” while giving her a sparkly wink and thumbs-up. 

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Ohtaka’s Backstage vol.243:

"The image is the storyboard, the draft and the completed version of a page from chapter 242. The draft is created by making a light blue monochromatic copy of the storyboard and making adjustments to the rough sketch. Then, we fill in with the pen and the page is completed. While it may not look it, creating the storyboard is the most time consuming step of the process.

This week is the second chapter of the dungeon that Hakuryuu and Judar ventured into. I apologize for all the confusion with going back and forth in time during the manga, but the timeframe of the current part of the story is after the last scene in volume 20~during the first half of volume 21.”

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Kuroko no Basuke FAN DISC 1 ~終わらない夏~ (Release: 21 Dec 2012) & 2 ~光射す場所へ~ (Release: 25 Dec 2014)

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"Revelation of their first impression on the first meeting" - Special Message Paper Vol 23



Cr: Kayuika123


  • Aladdin: A strange boy who lacks common sense
  • Alibaba: Not much impression
  • Hakuryuu: Worried that his burn mark looks painful


  • Aladdin: A brat who was ignorant to the ways of the world
  • Morgiana: Cute!
  • Ren Kouen: Unexpectedly a good person…?

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KnB S2 Vol. 9 NG

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more dump

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Holy shit guys it’s Judal with white rukh.



this probably means that he falls into depravity during Sinbad no Bouken doesn’t he

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Kagami and Kuroko under a hoop


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amidst the ruins of a sealed gate, patience.

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